Tele meaning “distant” and kinesis meaning “movenment” is the psychic ability to influence and move objects without the use of physical contact, but  can also be used to manipulate electricity, magnetisim, time, elements, space, and energy.


Some say we have Micro and Macro Telekinesis. Micro Telekinesis is used to move small objects, influence random number generators, chances, and events. Macro Telekinesis is movement of huge objects like stones, opening doors, windows, levitation, and so on.






This is one of my favorite on-camera telekinesis demonstrations. The rock I am pulling over is actually a piece of petrified wood. I never weighed it but it is roughly 3x1x.5 inches and weighs about the same as a standard glass salt shaker full of salt. Whether you call it Micro or Macro Telekinesis, it is a pretty impressive telekinetic feat in my opinion.


This is a short little 40 second video of me Telekinetically pushing a piece of paper, turning a psi wheel (aka: chi spinner) left and right, and pushing a ping pong ball across water at the same time. This is probably my best on-camera telekinetic performance thus far and I like the fact that I remembered to wear the  dust mask to help ward off some haters and neigh Sayers.


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This video is a montage of clips from a recorded practice session. It includes some instructional commentary which may prove to be helpful to those wishing to discover or improve their Telekinesis skills. Anyone can do this stuff guys, but we must have the energy, mindset and empathy to make it all click. Good luck and thanks for watching.


An AEMI student who's user name is Bluelotus telekinetically moving straw in a sealed container by expanding her mind and soul mass beyond her body. You can find many more demonstration videos inside the member's area at

Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, Biokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis

“A real telekinesis demonstration performed by an energy master. Using the mind to move matter via the subtle electromagnetic field energy of heart and soul. Telekinesis is a natural side effect of having a full connection to soul energy and a mind expanded past the body.” ~Michael Monk Try a Seven Day Free Trial.



This is my latest video filmed 11/3/2013. Here I am telekinetically turning a small piece of aluminum foil balanced on a needle, under a glass cup, using no hands. This is clearly not heat, static electricity or any kind of trickery folks. This is real telekinesis and the video includes the entire set up with commentary and was filmed in one continuous shot.



This vas filmed 11/21/2013. It was really just for fun and features me directing a spinning ping pong ball to a target and around a few obstacles. This is certainly not one for the record books, but it sure was fun! Click out my tutorial videos.


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